Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm in an icky mood...


So since we last had the time and energy to blog, we are now moving to New York. We bought a house. I'm job hunting. Evan is growing and learning at what seems like lightning speed. Adam is in New York and we are here keeping house until it sells. My grandmother died two days ago after a lengthy battle with cancer. I feel even MORE displaced, uncertain, sad, lost, overwhelmed, crazed, lonely, irritable, etc. than normal...

Which brings me to some things that irk me...

--home inspectors who tell you that your roof has hail damage but can't elaborate because he's "not a roofer"--well what the hell did you tell me for?

--people who look at your house twice, spend over an hour in it each time, and then make you wait a week (or longer) while they "decide" cannot take that long to decide. If the house is right, the price is right (we are super negotiable), and you have financing, it's sort of an easy deal.

--I am tiring of facebook and myspace. I don't mind being friends in cyberspace with people I actually consider to be friends/former students/coworkers/family members. I don't think I've denied a friend request (from a legitimate person) in a very long time but if I deny it once, there's a reason. Not only that, but I hate how some people feel the need to delete innocuous comments or comment on my wall that they don't want comments on a photo. What? I made a comment on a friend's pic the other day telling her she looked really pretty in an outfit that she had bought for a special occasion and then posted...she sent me a message and said that she didn't want comments on the album because it made her seem like she was fishing for compliments?? Huh? If her caption had said "Oh I'm so ugly!" that would've been fishing....but whatever.

--in general, I'm a pretty brutally honest person. Some people cannot handle it. But I am always going to call a spade a spade. If you have issues, problems, insecurities, or whatever, even if you are my friend, I'm not one to hide my thoughts on them. I hate feeling like I have to walk on eggshells around people. If they don't want my opinion, they shouldn't ask. I can be sensitive, caring, comforting, etc. but when you come to me and ask me to keep a secret for you that could detrimental to you marriage I just have to call it like I see it.

--people who constantly tell me that it's going to be different living in New, DUH. It's a different region of the country, with different weather, school systems, accents, foods, cultural beliefs, and people. It's not like I don't know this. I have seen a map that clearly delineates the difference between Oklahoma and New York.

--people who tell me in their unsolicited opinion that I "have to" have another child. That I "can't have an only child." That Evan "needs a sister." All I have to do is pay taxes and die. And I don't have to have another baby. I don't want to. And it isn't going to matter if two more years or five more years passes, it isn't going to change. I love my son. I feel completely fulfilled as a mother with this one smart, beautiful, charming, sweetheart of a son of mine.

--the certification process in NY is brutal. Tests, paperwork, fingerprints, waiting. It will get better though.

Okay, that's enough for now.
Other things today have ticked me off but I don't have the energy to expend on them.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. I certainly hope so.

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